My name is Ryan Johns and I like to run. In May of 2009 I will graduate from Columbia University in New York City with a major in architecture and a minor in mathematics. Shortly afterwards, I will begin the run to which this website is dedicated.

In an attempt to rationalize this trip with my personality, and to let you a little bit about who I am, I guess I can say that for me, this trip is not about wandering but wondering. I am a pretty focused person, but I live my life with wonder for this world. To be at the top of a mountain looking down, or at the bottom of a massive man-made structure looking up, to discover new people and new cultures...to feel completely awed by the world: these are the feelings around which my life revolves. I love to experience them, and equally importantly, I love to make them. My passion is design and architecture: I want to create things that make the world more exciting, that make people believe in the magic of this place. This run is about both experience and inspiration: I want to see amazing things and use those to inspire my own work. To give you a basic sense of the kind of work Iíve been doing the past few years at school, you can check out an older copy of my portfolio HERE.

After my run I intend to work in architecture (most likely in New York or Europe) until the start of the next academic year (September 2010) when I will begin graduate school in architecture.

To give you an idea of who I am in a few sentences is pretty difficult: hopefully I can meet you somewhere along my route and youíll have a chance to get to know me in person...